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Think Clean and Green for Beautiful Skin

Let’s accept the fact: the majority of us tend to be skin conscious.  As much as possible, we wished to have a fresh, attractive skin.  Unfortunately, many people failed to recognize that simple steps are the best ways to accomplish it.   We just are more likely to disregard what is essentially right or wrong for our skin.  We often buy some cosmetics that just worsen whatever skin defects we have in the end.  So, now is the time for change.  We must do something to conquer all of the bothering skin conditions we have.

Think and Act CLEAN
One thing that maybe true in our society  is, some companies, if not all, that produce skin care products would like you to believe that your perfect, beautiful complexion is supplied in a container.  But the truth is, a genuinely radiant, blemish free and moist skin is a result of being clean.  If I say “clean”, this would mean clean from deep within and not just skin deep.
Many of the health care experts commonly suggest that individuals with skin concerns should perform certain skincare methods that will help improve the condition of the skin.  Among the most recommended ways is to clean the skin lightly and gently by washing it using a mild cleanser, at least once in the morning and once in the evening, along with after a heavy work out.  But behind that way, there is one thing that’s very vital for maintaining a beautiful skin, and that’s: to generate clean blood that constantly supplies wonderful nutrients directly to the doorway of each and every cell within your body.   If you will start applying this, there’s no doubt that you are well on your way to having beautiful skin.

But, how can you make it possible?
Well, these days keeping certain impurities out of your blood and organs in the body seems difficult.  The primary reason is that, most of us dwell in a “sea” of chemicals and drugs.   We even eat mostly refined foods.  Now, if your main “goal” is a healthy and beautiful skin, then it’s time for you to have a somewhat conscious effort to cleanse these unsafe substances out of your system while placing in the finest nutrients.   There is good news that you must learn about your own system, that is, your body is continually in a cleansing mode.   It was created with the ability to drive out toxins as long as the energy necessary for it to function is supplied.
The bottom line is: cleansing energy is more abundant when you supply your body with the nutritious foods.  Note the word “nutritious”.
Main Organs That Keep Your Skin Beautiful
Our body is made up of different organs that are responsible for providing us with beautiful and healthy skin. These specifically include:
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Adrenals
  • Thyroid
  • Large Intestines
  • Small Intestines
Note that with these organs mentioned, you are accountable to them as well.  It is now your role to keep them clean at all times.   You will just find out in the end that beautiful skin will result from your daily efforts.

Liver and Kidneys
It is interesting to know that our liver and kidneys are classified as the two filtering organs that provide ongoing “housecleaning services”, as I prefer to call it, constantly.   You must be aware that these days, these organs are very seriously well-worn and also underpaid.  So, why overload them with outside challenges?   Is it hard for you to just protect them from outside harm?  It’s not that hard though.  Simply feed them well and they will keep you, including your skin healthy in the end.

Also, lying on top of your kidneys are your walnut-sized adrenals.  These organs are often called the “workhorses” of the human body perhaps for the reason that they are responsible for making a number of essential hormones like the DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and pregnenolone.  Speaking of hormones, it is necessary to note that healthy hormones are the essential ingredient when seeking energy, as well as healthy skin.
It is often said that if your thyroid is well nourished and energetic, it is capable of providing hormones and works closely with your adrenals to form essential energy.  Note that a dry, sluggish and flaky skin is actually the evidence of a weak thyroid.  So, strengthen it.
Large and Small Intestines
Research has revealed that the general well being of your liver, kidneys, adrenals and thyroid is dependent on the overall condition of the small and large intestines. Aside from providing nutrients to these organs, the small and large intestines hold the obligation of getting rid of whatever waste product is collected in the body.   If the small and large intestines failed to perform this role, the waste that was intended for elimination will be left within your intestines which will trigger thickening of your skin, that will ultimately produce oils and blemishes.   Clean intestines actually mirror a pure and flawless skin.
Several reports have noted that drugs, alcohol, chemicals and heavy metals like mercury and lead do daily damage to millions of people in the world.    The liver is primarily damaged by the refined oils containing trans-fatty acids, while the kidneys are damaged by the common table salt that is devoid of natural minerals.  Perhaps the main reason for this is the fact that thousands of processed foods that people usually consume everyday have trans-fats and refined salt.   In addition, it was found out that those pasteurized as well as homogenized dairy products tend to clog the kidneys, thus they must be avoided.  But, to attain a healthy and beautiful skin, you definitely need to add foods into your diet that nourish those mentioned six organs of the beauty.
Today, there is what many dermatologists call as “Spring”.   In Traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season when the liver cleanses and heals naturally by way of driving out the dangerous toxins that have been accumulated in the body through the refined foods that we eat.  Most professionals recommend green foods, including chlorella, as they are considered to be excellent for the liver.   Note that green foods refer to those green leafy veggies including spinach, kale, dandelion greens and broccoli.   These kinds of foods are what most individuals consider as the “especially wonderful foods”.   Now, for a healthy and beautiful skin, have them cooked, raw, juiced and even cultured.

More Foods Necessary for Nourishing Your Body and Skin
Generally, super food formulas give you a mix of nutrients necessary for the body and skin.  These include the cereal grasses, algae and green veggies.  So, it is best that you should look for one that contains organic ingredients, but also note that the food was designed to heal and nourish the small and large intestines.  It is often said that such foods are perfect just after waking up for the reason that they assist your blood to alkalize.  Also, they’re enjoyable to take than a handful of supplements.  They even provide minerals, fatty acids and protein to the body.
Other foods known to add to healthy skin include the raw and virgin fats and oils.  One particular perfect source is the coconut oil, which is especially good for the thyroid.   Also, mineral-rich food such as dark green leafy vegetables, ocean vegetables and seafood are important.   And, the antioxidant-rich foods like black currant and blueberry juice and green tea are a daily must as well.
Furthermore, there is one more group foods that is worth mentioning – the fermented or cultured foods.   These foods are actually found in every traditional culture around the world and many have considered these as the news stars of a wholesome diet.  Just like some of the above mentioned foods, they are necessary for maintaining a healthy and wonderful skin.

As presented, there are a lot of ways to attain and maintain a beautiful skin.  All you need to consider is to exert some efforts on changing your habits.  Eating nutritious foods such as those mentioned above are perhaps one of the most necessary moves to consider if you want a good looking skin.  Simply think clean and green and have a beautiful skin.


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